10 Health Benefits Of Camping (Check Out #4)

image of camping with the kidsPeople go for camping for different reasons. Some go for camping because they want to get away from the city while others go for this trip because they are lovers of outdoor adventures. It does not matter whether you enjoy hiking, hunting or even biking, camping gives you the privilege of attending to your hobby and focus on nothing else but what you like doing most during your free time.

Furthermore, most people are not aware of this but camping also contributes to your lifespan. Causing you to live longer and healthy than you did before you began camping. Below are other benefits of spending time outdoor and why you should consider going for camping more often.

Camping Tips & Advice

Before you go, make sure you take a look at this comprehensive camping checklist.

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Here’s a quick video guide for new campers:

1. Enjoy Fresh Air

Living in the city is not always healthy with carbon dioxide and other harmful gasses being emitted in the air. That is why you should look for time and a place where you can get fresh air or oxygen for your body.

Moreover, that is not the only benefit of breathing in fresh air. According to researchers from different regions around the world concluded that oxygen can also enhance digestions and blood pressure as well. It also acts as a boosting agent for your immune system, which helps in maintain the health of the body cells.

2. Improve Socialization

Camping is more fun when done as a group. If you want to enjoy your camping adventure, then you should consider asking your friends and relatives to join you on this magnificent trip. Camping as a group will help you improve your socializing skills and prolong your lifespan as well. Furthermore, according to a report published by the American Journal of Public Health, this kind of activity also make life more interesting and fun.

3. Mood improvement

People who camp a lot tend to have happy memories in their thoughts. Furthermore, spending time under the sun can also help you brain by leveling melatonin. This is a chemical compound that makes the body feel tired and can also initiate other feelings such as depression. That is why you should camp more often to maintain your moods.

4. Reduce Stress

Another benefit of camping is that it helps to prevent stress. There is no other easy way of coping with stress rather than going for an outdoor adventure. Increased intake of oxygen causes the level of serotonin to rise and helps the body to manage this situation as mention earlier. Henceforth, being engaged in outdoor activity can make it difficult for you get annoyed or irritated easily, which is a sign of improvement in these emotional components.

5. Exercise

Apart from all these benefits, do not forget the fact that outdoor activity helps your body to become more proactive by engaging in physical activity. Either you are camping or going for a fishing trip, this kind of activities can help the body to burn more calories compared to spending time sited in the office. Furthermore, if you engage in a more challenging activity such as hiking or bike riding, you will automatically enhance the health of your lungs and heart.

However, how much calories your body burns will depend on the kind of activity you are involved in. Bike riding can help you burn between 300 and 500 calories within a duration of sixty minutes. On the other hand, fly fishing is also effective and cause the body to burn 200 calories within a span of an hour.

image of enjoying a sunset while camping6. Get enough the sunshine

Direct sunshine is healthy for your skin. That is because direct sunlight provides vitamin D for the body. The role of vitamin D is to absorb phosphorous and calcium. That is why health specialist advice people to spend more time outdoor for the body to benefit by getting this essential element.

7. Camping is an opportunity to get soundly sleep.

After a long day of play and other physical activity, your body will be tired. It allows your body to get enough rest will enhance the cardiovascular system and reduce cases of inflammation

8. Camping allows you to enjoy healthy camp food.

An outdoor adventure such as hunting and fishing does not provide a lot of options when it comes to choosing your diet. For most of the time, you will probably eat a huge amount of healthy fats and proteins when you are out of such a strip. There are no preservatives or unnatural recipes found in these destinations, and daily activity will make it easy for you to digest what you eat.

9. Tackle new Challenges

According to studies conducted at the Texas University and Michigan University, traveling to new camping trips or experiencing something different helps the brain to stay healthy and focused. New challenges or activities that involve both physical and mental skills can enhance the health of your brain by a great percentage (and help you get motivated).

10. Meditate

Being away from the city means getting rid of anything that may cause you to lose focus on your camping trip. That is why it is advisable that you leave unnecessary accessories at home. It consists of this such as mobile phones, laptops, and even tablets. Disconnect from your body and mind from the busy city and allow your body to enjoy a new experience of nature.

According to the founder of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program, disconnecting from the outside world and engaging in camping activity can help you maintain your health, which is one of the benefits of meditation.

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June Robinson - November 13, 2015 Reply

I really appreciate this information on the benefits of being outdoors and going on camping trips. My family is always wanting to do things like this, and now I can see why. I like that you point out that it helps you socialize with the people you are with. I bet having a good campground can make it a really pleasant experience to enjoy with friends and family. Thanks for sharing this!

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