Want To Start Meditating But Don’t know How?

file0001135121734For years, people have tried a number of things in order to clear their mind and help them relax. All manner of different activities have been created, all with the sole intent of trying to find a way to relax. Some of them work fantastically, others less so, and many of them work great for one person but not at all for another.

This is simply the way human beings work. Not only does an activity sometimes work for one person but not another, but sometimes the activity works for a person, but only if they do it slightly differently. This is why you may have heard many people speak of the virtues of meditation, yet hear them all talk differently about it. This is because meditation is the sort of activity that each person comes at from a different perspective. For some people, it can be a spiritual activity. They treat meditation the same way as some people treat prayer to a divine being.

Others treat meditation as a way to help them learn. It helps them clear their mind, allowing them to focus more easily on a thing they’re trying to do. Without the benefits of meditation, they say, they simply wouldn’t be able to get their brain working the way they need it to work. Thus, by meditating on a regular basis, they help train themselves to remain calm and focused, giving them an easy tool to get down to work.

So what is meditation? It’s all of those things! Meditation is simply a process to help you clear your mind and focus on things. This happens many ways for many different people. Some people focus on a particular word, speaking the word in their mind over and over, focusing on what that word means and how it sounds. Other people use relaxing music and incense, helping them focus on those things and thus, take their mind away from all the troubles and stress of the day. The important thing is that they find a way to relax and clear their mind.

If you’re interested in the idea but have no idea where to start, it’s not that difficult. Maybe you’ve even tried before but found yourself unable to unhinge the way you were told you need to. That’s a common problem with beginners. They try to meditate; only they haven’t been taught how. So after five or ten minutes, they realize they simply keep thinking of random stuff from their lives and declare it a failure.

The problem is that meditation doesn’t happen over night. Being able to clear your mind and focus is a skill, just like any other skill. You have to build up your abilities over time, little by little. In the case of meditation, this starts by trying to meditate for short periods of time at first. Set things up so that you can more easily relax. If you like music, put on some music. If you like the smell of incense, then light some. If you don’t like those things, then don’t do them. There’s no right or wrong way to meditate.

Once you’ve set things up to help you relax, set a timer. Try to meditate for a short period, maybe five minutes at first. After you get used to clearing your mind for that period, then set the timer for longer. Little by little, you’ll learn to be able to clear your mind for longer and longer periods of time. You’ll wonder why it took you so long to start!

Tips To Better Parenting

Raising children is difficult. It may well be one of the most difficult things a person can ever do. It’s your job to take a human being, and completely form who they are and what kind of person they become. That kind of pressure can be incredibly hard to deal with. It doesn’t help that everyone has their idea of how a child should be raised. They have their thoughts and opinions, and no matter what you do, they’ll always tell you that you’re doing it wrong.

That’s why the best parenting advice ever is not to have children. However, that’s not very realistic advice, because some people really want to have children. There’s nothing wrong with that desire. It just means you have to be ready to understand the kind of job you’ve taken on. Luckily, there are other bits of tips and advice that you can take.

Since the best parenting advice is obviously not going to help you (given you’ve clearly decided to have children), the second best parenting advice most certainly will.

Every single child is a little bit different. That’s the advice, and it’s important to keep in mind. Many people will tell you “children want this” or “children need that”, and think that what they’re saying is gospel truth. This is a common thing for human beings, to presume a general statement will always be true in an individual sense. The real truth, however, is that context is everything. Every child will need something a little bit different. While it may be true that children in general need discipline, for example, how that discipline looks will be different for each child.

This means that you need to work to figure out what does and does not work for you and your child. For some people, time out works wonders. For others, it doesn’t. The important thing is not that you do things the right way, but that you do things in a way that work for you and your child. This might mean that what worked for you as a child won’t actually work for your child. You need to be willing for that to be the case. If you stick to one particular action or routine just because you think it’s the right way, you may be doing more harm than good.

This leads into the third piece of parenting advice. You, as a parent, can be wrong. This is incredibly important to understand. Many parents, when they do something that involves raising their children, stand fast to the idea that they’re completely in the right. If their child argues or questions, they double down on their opinion and punish the child. This is absolutely the wrong course of action. When you act as though you can’t possibly be wrong, your child learns to act in a similar manner. Thus, all you’re doing is training your child to act as if they’re never wrong.

Instead, be willing to admit that you made a mistake. Talk to your child about what could be done differently, and what you were trying to accomplish. It’s possible that your child even has a good idea for how to do what you were trying to do in the first place.

This leads into the next piece of advice. Talk to your children, and actually listen. Many parents get the idea that their children don’t understand what’s going on. There are multiple reasons for this. After all, a parent will raise their child from infancy. So it’s easy to think of a child as still very young, even as they get older. It’s also easy to underestimate how much a child understands at the age of six or seven, leading a parent to get the idea that they simply can’t trust their child’s judgement.

It may be true that your child isn’t fit to understand certain things. But that’s not necessarily true. So ultimately, other than “don’t have children”, the best parenting advice can be summed up with this. Try to engage your child in reality, and not a fantasy. Don’t romanticize the idea of parenthood. Being a parent should be about raising a real human being, and not performing the right acts to make it look like the right thing.

10 Health Benefits Of Camping (Check Out #4)

image of camping with the kidsPeople go for camping for different reasons. Some go for camping because they want to get away from the city while others go for this trip because they are lovers of outdoor adventures. It does not matter whether you enjoy hiking, hunting or even biking, camping gives you the privilege of attending to your hobby and focus on nothing else but what you like doing most during your free time.

Furthermore, most people are not aware of this but camping also contributes to your lifespan. Causing you to live longer and healthy than you did before you began camping. Below are other benefits of spending time outdoor and why you should consider going for camping more often.

Camping Tips & Advice

Before you go, make sure you take a look at this comprehensive camping checklist.

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Here’s a quick video guide for new campers:

1. Enjoy Fresh Air

Living in the city is not always healthy with carbon dioxide and other harmful gasses being emitted in the air. That is why you should look for time and a place where you can get fresh air or oxygen for your body.

Moreover, that is not the only benefit of breathing in fresh air. According to researchers from different regions around the world concluded that oxygen can also enhance digestions and blood pressure as well. It also acts as a boosting agent for your immune system, which helps in maintain the health of the body cells.

2. Improve Socialization

Camping is more fun when done as a group. If you want to enjoy your camping adventure, then you should consider asking your friends and relatives to join you on this magnificent trip. Camping as a group will help you improve your socializing skills and prolong your lifespan as well. Furthermore, according to a report published by the American Journal of Public Health, this kind of activity also make life more interesting and fun.

3. Mood improvement

People who camp a lot tend to have happy memories in their thoughts. Furthermore, spending time under the sun can also help you brain by leveling melatonin. This is a chemical compound that makes the body feel tired and can also initiate other feelings such as depression. That is why you should camp more often to maintain your moods.

4. Reduce Stress

Another benefit of camping is that it helps to prevent stress. There is no other easy way of coping with stress rather than going for an outdoor adventure. Increased intake of oxygen causes the level of serotonin to rise and helps the body to manage this situation as mention earlier. Henceforth, being engaged in outdoor activity can make it difficult for you get annoyed or irritated easily, which is a sign of improvement in these emotional components.

5. Exercise

Apart from all these benefits, do not forget the fact that outdoor activity helps your body to become more proactive by engaging in physical activity. Either you are camping or going for a fishing trip, this kind of activities can help the body to burn more calories compared to spending time sited in the office. Furthermore, if you engage in a more challenging activity such as hiking or bike riding, you will automatically enhance the health of your lungs and heart.

However, how much calories your body burns will depend on the kind of activity you are involved in. Bike riding can help you burn between 300 and 500 calories within a duration of sixty minutes. On the other hand, fly fishing is also effective and cause the body to burn 200 calories within a span of an hour.

image of enjoying a sunset while camping6. Get enough the sunshine

Direct sunshine is healthy for your skin. That is because direct sunlight provides vitamin D for the body. The role of vitamin D is to absorb phosphorous and calcium. That is why health specialist advice people to spend more time outdoor for the body to benefit by getting this essential element.

7. Camping is an opportunity to get soundly sleep.

After a long day of play and other physical activity, your body will be tired. It allows your body to get enough rest will enhance the cardiovascular system and reduce cases of inflammation

8. Camping allows you to enjoy healthy camp food.

An outdoor adventure such as hunting and fishing does not provide a lot of options when it comes to choosing your diet. For most of the time, you will probably eat a huge amount of healthy fats and proteins when you are out of such a strip. There are no preservatives or unnatural recipes found in these destinations, and daily activity will make it easy for you to digest what you eat.

9. Tackle new Challenges

According to studies conducted at the Texas University and Michigan University, traveling to new camping trips or experiencing something different helps the brain to stay healthy and focused. New challenges or activities that involve both physical and mental skills can enhance the health of your brain by a great percentage (and help you get motivated).

10. Meditate

Being away from the city means getting rid of anything that may cause you to lose focus on your camping trip. That is why it is advisable that you leave unnecessary accessories at home. It consists of this such as mobile phones, laptops, and even tablets. Disconnect from your body and mind from the busy city and allow your body to enjoy a new experience of nature.

According to the founder of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program, disconnecting from the outside world and engaging in camping activity can help you maintain your health, which is one of the benefits of meditation.

Tips For Asking For A Pay Raise Effectively

paycheckGetting a salary increase is every employee’s dream. But every employee dreads asking for a pay raise. As long as you do your homework and request for a pay raise in a professional manner, you will get it.

Though asking for a pay raise does not mean you will get it, asking appropriately is beneficial. It displays assertiveness, initiative, and professionalism. It serves to show that you won’t be taken advantage when times change.In this article, we are going to look at some steps of asking for a pay rise.

1. Ask At The Right Time

The first step of asking for a pay raise successfully is by doing it at the right time. But when is the right time to ask for a pay rise?To determine the right time to ask for a pay rise, gather information about your companies performance. If your company is projecting positive performance, then it is the right time to ask for a raise.

You should never ask for a pay raise when your company is struggling to survive or when the are cutting their budget left and right.If you ask for a raise is in a layoff, it could send a negative signal that you don’t care about the firm.

2. Do Your Research

You should do your research and arm yourself with facts before asking for a pay raise. You need to know how the company and the industry are performing. Consider whether it’s meeting its financial goals. Also, take into account the current market rate for your job position, the companies policy on giving pay raises, and whether people in your company are getting pay raises. It is also important to think about your position with your manager and the management team.

Having this information will help your know the right way to approach your manager for a pay raise and how to argue your case successfully.

working3. Phrase The Request Carefully

How you phrase your request will determine whether you will get your pay raise or not. The best way to present your request is to do so in a two-part request that should highlight your knowledge in the situation of the company and your contributions.

 Make sure you have market data about your job to back your request. This will put you in a better position for getting a pay raise.

4. Have a Backup Plan

You should always have a backup for the future. If a pay raise is not possible now, then lay a groundwork for the future. As for your job, ask for feedback to know where improvements are needed. Ask for the companies goals that need to be met before the management starts considering raises so that you can be in a better position of getting one.

Asking for a pay raise is a terrifying affair. But if you do it right, you will get the pay raise and enhance your professional image. With this in mind, ensure you get the timing right, do your research and always phrase your request in a professional way. This way you will get a pay raise even if it is not immediately.

The Importance Of Positive Thinking

focusTo be clear, positive thinking is when a person embraces positive thoughts, actions and feelings when he or she actively engages in life. Positive thinking comes easy for some but for others it is more difficult to achieve. It is important to note that there are seven great benefits of positive thinking.

1. Positive Thinking Helps To Direct your Focus

Positive thinking is much more than having a positive attitude; it also directs your focus on finding solutions to problems instead of wasting energy and time on negative emotions and actions. What this means to you and me is that we can get back on track easier and faster and begin thinking about we can do instead of worrying about the situation. Instead of ruminating and feeling irritated about what is going on, we can focus on what we have learned from the past and think in creative ways on finding solutions.

2. Positive Thinking Will Attract Solutions

It is important to remember that whatever a person focuses on, that focus will attract a solution. In other words, if you think and act negatively, you will attract negative things and people to you. However, when you exhibit a positive attitude, you will attract positive people and events to you. When a person practices positive thinking, he or she will create a positive reality! For example, when applying for a job with a positive attitude, you will most likely receive positive feedback from a potential employer.

regret3. Positive Thinking Keeps You In Control

Some may not know it but with positive thinking you will probably be less inclined to make foolish decisions or to engage in activities that you will regret later on. Think about the times when you were in a negative situation, and you responded in the same way. When a person responds negatively to a negative situation or person, it often makes the situation worse. Instead of responding negatively, let it go and move on. This way, you stay in control and your regrets will be few.

4. Positive Thinking Gives You Better Health

As many know, positive thinking influences your body and how it functions. Studies have shown that positive thinkers often have lower risks of disease and a stronger sense of well-being. Negative thoughts often cause anxiety, depression and various sleeping disorders like apnea.

5. Positive Thinking is Great For A Person’s Self-Esteem

Thinking positive is quite beneficial when it comes to a person’s self-esteem. Self-esteem comes from feeling good about who you are because when you believe in your abilities and have confidence in you, you are better able to achieve the challenges and goals in your life.

success and happiness6. Success, Happiness And Positive Thinking

Your whole life can change if you initiate positive thinking. Positive thinking is like a magnet; it attracts success and happiness and is a wonderful way to turn around your life.

7. Positive Thinking Can Turn A “Down Day” into an “Up Day”

It may sound Pollyannish, but positive thinking can actually turn a dull and down day into a bright and up day. When you think about it, it is just as easy to smile and be positive, than it is to show a frown and be negative.

To conclude, the importance of positive thinking is not only helpful in every area of your life but it may also extend your life! Find out more about positive thinking from the many excellent articles on the Internet!

Top 5 Ways To Get Motivated

Success Starts Here Freeway Style Desert LandscapeMotivation is very important. It is the drive to all actions. It is, in fact, being moved to act. The success, failure or leading depends upon motivation. Knowing what will motivate you may have a very high impact with long-term effects. It is, therefore, important to understand what will motivate you and act toward that. This will make your life happier and lively. Once you get the engine on the move, it is easier to move on. However, this is a common dilemma that hit many people. The following tips help you know how to get motivated, and the top ways to get motivated.

1. Have a vision and activate the passion for your life

Your emotions are very important for you to stay motivated. Since passion is an emotion, you should set yourself to have a desire that can be used to your advantage. With passion, you will have a reason to act. This is a vision that is the cognitive part of your motivation. The vision should be big enough to motivate you on a daily basis.

2. Set goals that are achievable

This is the target that should be defined, possible to achieve and not vague. You should, therefore, define your objectives and split them into manageable bits. The smaller goals should always be meaningful and the ones that can be accomplished otherwise your motivation will be stuck.

3. The set goals should be realistic and well organized

Get in touch with which the goals that are important. Give priority to the goal you wish to accomplish first. Each goal should be realistic, achievable, financially friendly, and time conscious. Sometimes you will be required to accomplish a goal after another. Do not be overwhelmed; otherwise your motivation will be dead, and you will abandon your goals.

list4. List what should be done to achieve the set goals

Once the goals are organized in order of importance, have to do list. This list will help you achieve the broader goals. Furthermore, conflicting goals will retard your motivation, making you less productive. Think in a positive way for each item in the to-do list if you find yourself thinking I a negative way, try and stop by changing the thinking habit or transform it into a positive light.

5. Achieve the set objectives.

To keep your motivation awake, maintain your list of your daily tasks and do away with them once they are done. This is now the aspect of achieving the set objectives. It will further remind you and arouse your productivity. This makes you feel good. Redo the entire process till you master the goals replacing it with another.
All in all, stay positive because negative thoughts will always pull you backwards. This is only possible by believing in yourself. Make sure you keep off from the individuals who do not like seeing others ahead. They might even disrupt you in the process of achieving your goals. If you feel unmotivated, take a break or a rest and resume when all things better.

Best Tips On How To Improve Your Relationship With Your Kids – Parental Advice


Sad parents are common in the street today. This is because their kids indulged in drugs, bad company and irresponsible behavior. My dear parents, I have the secret to heal your wound. First of all, did you at one time have time with your Kid? I guess no and if you had it was a very short time. Always remember your child is an investment hence you should always have an ample time with your kid. However, today I will give you the best tips on how to improve your relationship with your kid, parenting advice for you.

Enhance the kid’s critical thinking by showing her/him common problems and how to solve them.
Every day the child is faced with new challenges. These challenges, however small they look, help the kid to develop judgement on how to solve them. Parents can let them experiment a bit and then offer advice to the kid this is because they will have a great impact on the kid’s reasoning.

Never criticize your child.

Our aim as parents is to provide proper guidance to our kids. Open criticism may have negative effects on the kid’s psychology. The kid tends to believe that he is wrong in whatever he does. I don’t know why we fail to follow this. Criticism affects us as adults then we should expect the child to be affected more than we are affected and hence indulge in bad activities that will ruin her.

childBring up talks that will lead to sharing.

Your kid will always talk if he has a reason to do so. You as the parent should always have the best tricks to make your child talk. When you talk with your kid, you will absolutely understand him. You will be able to advise your kid on what you really want from him from an early age this will naturally grow in her head and true enough the kid will always avoid the negatives you told him about.

Always have time with your kids.

Another way on how to improve your relationship with your kid, parenting advice is always to have ample time with your kids. Always remember that your job is not more important than your kid. When you have ample time with your kid, you create a natural bond. Your kid even loves you more and sees you as a lovely parent. He is even able to interact with you freely and tell you his small problems hence you can guide the kid.

hug kidsTeach your child always to be emotionally open with you.

When your child becomes emotionally open to you, you as the parent can teach your child emotional intelligence. First you are supposed to understand your kid’s perspective them work out from there. Just by being understood the kid feels relieved and stops being troubled. Such emotional drops make the child indulge in harmful activities.

Always create physical connections with your kid.

Make sure every morning when you wake up try and hug your kid. It creates a physical and emotional bond with you and your kid. When there is a natural bond with your kid, you can share in his feelings.

Outstanding Benefits of Exercising

parkDid you ever know some of the benefits of jogging? Yes, exercise benefits a lot in life. In fact, research has proved that exercising reduces the risks of attracting major illnesses like stroke, heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Also, it is important to note that exercising can be done freely in addition to having an immediate impact. He following are some of the glaring reasons why medical experts advise for regular exercising despite you age.

  • Stress reduction
  • Improvement of self-esteem
  • Sharpens memory
  • Alleviation of anxiety
  • Enjoyment of great outdoors
  • Helps in controlling addiction

Benefits of Exercising

1. Stress reduction

Engaging in an exercise such as jogging can swiftly aid in reducing your stress. Jogging is perceived to be one of the quickest workouts that are very cheap to achieve. For instance, this can aid in managing both mental and physical stress. Additionally, through exercising, the concentration of the norepinephrine in your body is increased. This way, the ability of your body to handle mental tension is boosted.

2. Improvement of self-confidence

Physical fitness is ideal for your well-being. It is vital for boosting your self-esteem in addition to improving your positive self-image. This can easily be achieved without paying regard to size, weight, age or gender. Exercising helps in elevating your perception of your attractiveness.

stress reliever

stress reliever

3. Sharpens memory

Regular physical exercising is very significant for your body because it boosts your memory as well as your learning ability. By jogging, you will produce sweat that will increase cell production in the hippocampus – hormone that handles learning and memory. This is also another reason exercising is always much encouraged among school going children so as to master what they are taught at school.

4. Alleviation of anxiety

Whereas many people consider taking a warm bath as a remedy to relieving anxiety, further research has proved that taking a twenty – minute jog can overwhelmingly reduce the anxiety. This is owing to the fact that in the event of exercising, you release fuzzy and warm chemicals that are instrumental for calming down anxiety disorders. This should be conducted in intervals so as to aid in burning calories and reducing anxiety sensitivity.

5. Enjoyment of great outdoors

This too is a very important factor that cannot go unmentioned as one of the benefits of exercising. Through exercising outdoors, your self-esteem is increased more, besides boosting self-love. Nevertheless, through outdoors exercising, you gain space for demonstrating any other workout that befits your preferred style. This is without forgetting the vitamin D supplement you attain from the sun during the workouts.

outdoor6. Helps in controlling addiction

Ultimately, exercises are very vital for your body since they help in addiction regulation. The brain is known for releasing a reward chemical’ known as dopamine whenever it is responding to a pleasure of any form such as those from food, alcohol, exercise, drugs and sex. Even though some people have complete dependence on alcohol and other drugs, it is important to highlight in this piece of article that exercising is the brightest side of this and can vehemently assist in the addiction recovery.